TRP 2010.12.25

The Christmas 2010 Show

Frank and John claim the repeal of DADT is an effort by the government to change the makeup of the US military, which is "too Christian and too conservative," and predicts openly-gay, Left-wing agitators and anti-war activists will purposely enroll in the military with the sole purpose of disrupting the fighting organization on the battlefield.

Plus: Canada is plotting to invade Quebec and enforce the affirmative actions rules imposed on the rest of the country.... Nations going easy on Cuba: Cablegate.... NY Gov. Paterson commutes the prison term of an anti-White murderer.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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bernie said...

Off-topic - Happy New Year.

nikoloslvy1041 said...


note the comment section...

Rick M said...

Frank and John, like the show. Are you not giving out your full names so the crazies can't find you? I'm a soldier stuck in PC hell working at state HQ. Actually my job is not that bad, I just try not to listen to the progressive bull shit they constantly put out. Every month its another ethnic heritigde month. African American, Pacific Islander, Native American, Hispanic...and on and on. I wish I could suggest an Irish American month but they would label me racist, uncivilized, homophobic, anti-diversity and fire me.