TRP 2011.01.21

Frank opens the show with thanking Al Gore, who has proven himself to be a bigger idiot than anyone imagine with his "cockamamy global warming theory," which is blamed on for every abnormal weather event in the world.

Plus: The farce in the upcoming State of the Union address.... Obama caves in to China.... yet another example of the imbecility of those of the liberal persuasion.... the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was an inside job.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.01.14

Frank and John discuss this week's tragic shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and the resulting media frenzy. John goes after the Left's hypocrisy in blaming talk radio and conservatives for the shooting, while Frank compares it to the assassination of New York Congressman Allard Lowenstein, who was assassinated during the 1970's by a crazed intern.

Plus: Frank claims North Korea has cloned the country's founder, Kim Il Sung, and made him heir-apparent Kim Jong Un, whom he calls "Fat Drunk and Stupid".... more hypocrisy from the Left.... your phonecalls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.01.08

Frank and John discuss the politically-correct demotion of Navy Captain Owen Honors for "inappropriate material." Frank calls it the first salvo an attempt to "Bolshevize" the US military and predicts "a tsunami of lawsuits" are about to swamp the United States Armed Forces.

Plus: Racist Hollywood attitudes towards White Americans from the South are exposed in a New York Times article about the television show "Shameless".... Republicans take over, or back, the Congress... Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann should be the GOP ticket for president in 2012... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.01.01

 The New Year 2011 Show

Frank and John ring in 2011 with a live show, looking back at the last time they did a New Year's Eve program in 1999, with the insanity known as Y2K. Frank and John remember the friends they've lost along the way, and the friends they're gained, too.

Plus: Bloomberg's bungling of the 2010 blizzard, which prompts Frank to call for the end of unions for municipal workers; Obama's birth certificate; gays in the military; Michael Vick; John plays his favorite clips of the year; your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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