TRP 2011.02.04

Returning to the studio after several weeks of being snowed in, Frank unleashes his fury on the the goings-on in Egypt, which he calls a perfect example of "The Ministry of Lies in Action", noting that the anti-Mubarak protesters have not been labelled "anti-government" like the way the Tea Party has been. Frank also dubs Mubarak "The Prince of Peace" for establishing a stable government for the last 30 years and not going to war against Israel, and wonders why the Left in America is not supporting him for that. Meanwhile, John notes that if this is a true outbreak of Democracy in Egypt, there may be a rejection of all oppressive regimes, including the Islamo-fascist Muslim Brotherhood.

Plus: Beringians on the move in Canada.... John takes a look back at what made Ronald Reagan what he was... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.
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