TRP 2011.04.29

Frank explains the concept of "The Hinge of History," a brief period of time in which the course of human affairs can "swing" one way or the other depending on what happens. The election of Jimmy Carter in 1976 is such an example - had Carter not won, everything that is wrong with American foreign policy today would not have happened.

Frank wonders why he should believe anything in life when it is all a joke, after "the farce and wackjob" Carter condemned America for human rights abuses against North Korea.

Plus: The Left's mockery of Sarah Palin is the same thing they did to Gerald Ford.... that whole birth certificate thing, and how the liberals are now all whining racist in defense.... Bob Schieffer never had anything good to say about George Bush... The Royal Wedding farce.... World Soultrean Month ends with a look at The Cave of Forgotten Dreams.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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