TRP 2011.05.13

Obama proves himself to be an anti-white bigot this week, after he invited a cop-hating "poet" to the formerly White House and openly mocks Americans who want to enforce border security, and Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to prosecute a group of Mohammadeans for trying to blow up a synagogue in New York City. Frank bashes NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who can blame a Tea party member for last year's Times Square bombing attempt but says nothing when it's proven it's a Mohammadean who really did it. John says Obama's wife Michelle is trying to be Joanne Chesimard.

Plus: Frank implores the "Great Father of the Waters" to not flood the Mississippi.... TRP welcomes a new sponsor, The Wacky Paki Real Estate Millionaire.... Transgender is a farce... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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