TRP 2011.06.10

Frank refuses to put down his race and ethnicity in a form given to him by a new doctor he visited this week, calling it a "Conscientious objection" to "the healthcare scam" that "this bag of BS that we have in the White House" is putting into place to rectify the problem of alleged racial inequalities in the healthcare system.  Frank says White people should put down "Aryan" for race and "Solutrean" for ethnicity on these forms.

Plus: John goes into the political strategy behind Weinergate.... Rush Limbaugh gives TRP a shout out.... Global warming hysteria after a few days of hot weather... Weinergate explodes all over the Democrat Party's face.... MORE harsh words for Michael Savage.... Frank proves Cleopatra was White.

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BONUS AUDIO: TRP Show #3 from Feb. 21, 1998

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