TRP 2011.08.13

Frank and John go after "the most brilliant man in history," Barack Obama, who is too intellectual for us, who is pushing the "bald faced lie" that Islam has always been a part of American history.

According to Frank, Obama is a psycopath and degenerate liar, who cannot sepearate fact from fiction. Obama never says Islam is responsible for 9/11, which is similar to the Mohamaddean attack on the Gates of Vienna. It's like saying that Dec. 7 with out the "Japs" bombed Pearl Harbor.

Noting that one of the reasons being offered to explain this weeks' London riots is the cutting back on entitlements for poor and working class in Britain, Frank asks how come nobody talks about the biggest entitlement sucker of them all, the Royal Family? The British Crown is responsible for many attrocities over history - such as the genocides against the Boer, the IRish, the Inidans in India.

Frank is calling live from a Solutrean Vision Quest at the Great Snake Mound in Ohio and will be in the studio next week.

Plus: Frank and John say Ron Paul is a "crackpot" and they would never vote for him.... Wisconson recall... more on London riots.... your phonecalls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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BONUS AUDIO: Early TRP from March 24, 1998 featuring guest Barry Farber!

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