TRP 2011.09.02

Frank and John go after Maxine Waters for telling the Tea Party to "go straight to Hell," noting that all the extremisim coming from the Congressional Black anti-American Congress cannot hide the fact that Obama's economic and foreign policies have been nothing but a failure.

Frank believes Obama secretly is encouraging this rhetoric to keep his base of African-American voters loyal to him, and is consolidating the Arab world under radical Mohammadism so that the Mahddi can come.

Plus: The Shirtwaste Fire and the American Labor Movement explored.... Beringians on the Move.... the failing economy.... Steve Malzberg fired from WOR Radio.... your phonecalls at 718.761.9966 and more.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Several posts were made by a fake "Jay Diamond" on the main Right Perspective website over the last several days. They were NOT made by the real Jay Diamond, except for this post where he disavows the comments made under his name.

The fake posts were made via proxies and go back to eastern Pennsylvania. Someone copy & pasted writings Jay made elsewhere on the Internet, in an attempt to get Frank and John mad. And, as you will hear in this week's show in the last hour, it definitely worked.

I know who made those fake posts. These individuals have been messing around with making fake comments, and other things behind the scenes and on the air, for some time now.

And you would be very surprised to know who they are.

Thank you.

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Bonus Audio: TRP from April 13, 1998

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