TRP 2011.09.23

Frank talks about his latest Solutrean Vision Quest to upstate New York and the Great Lakes, and ties it into Obama's wanting people to "pay their fair share." In the same way Beringians are allowed to get away with breaking American bans on Cuban cigars, Obama wants White people to hand over more their hard-earned money to be redistributed to non-whites as taxes.

Bolshevik terror always starts out with the noble cause, and gets going with class warfare, but then results in murder and mayhem so they can stay in control.

John notes that progressives are not embarrassed by saying "pay your fair share" yet they never can say how much is fair. He also notes how municipal unions are bilking the system - Union thugs in Chicago hired back people for one day so they can collect an 80k pension, and you now have pay $4 more to cross the Hudson Bridge because of them. Doctors are busted ripping off Medicare and Medicaid, yet you have to pay your "fair share"

Plus: The Crony Capitalism of Warren Buffett.... disgraced Charlie Rangel now honored.... Tony Bennett says the US deserved 9/11.... Chaz Bono and gender confusion.... another listener joins the Cheryl from NJ Cadre.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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BONUS AUDIO: TRP from April 27, 1998!

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