TRP 2011.10.07

The sickness of the Left manifested itself this week, not only in the "Occupation of Wall Street," which Frank an "Infestation of Wall Street," but also in a bi-partisan panel of scientists who are advocating more research be done in Climate Change. That research includes having giant mirrors launched into the sky to reflect sunlight and inject particles in the air to affect weather patterns.

Frank defines of Socialism as, "I'm jealous of what you have, and I'm going to have the government steal it from you" and those "infesting" Wall Street should get some of those "Shovel-Ready Jobs" the Foreign Occupier in the White House promised them.

Plus: Now is the time for the people of Venezuela to "rise up and take their country back".... The Great Solutrean, Christopher Columbous, is hailed.... Your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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