TRP 2011.11.12

Frank and John deconstruct the Left's attacks of racism against Tea Party members, and how they use their support of Herman Cain to hide their racism. The Left are the real racists for attacking Herman Cain, a strong successful Black conservative man. Their attacks are also used to deflect from the massive flaws of the Obama regime.

PLUS: Rick Perry's latest gaffe is nothing compared to the ones made by Obama.... Iran wants to revive the Parthian Empire.... Obama wants to use a war with Iran as an excuse to nationalize the American petroleum industry and impose green energy.... the media is afraid to talk about the homosexual nature of the Penn State sex scandal... Stock Brokers boycott Mario Batali for supporting Occupy Wall Street protestors.... Union greed puts a nation in need... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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