TRP 2011.12.24

Kim Jong Il finally became a Good Red this week, and Frank says Satan was waiting for him when he croaked.

This is what Marxism produced: A man who was responsible for the killing of 2 million people. North Korea shows what a Bolshevik government can only produce: slogans, parades and propaganda.

And this is what the right in America is fighting against.

Frank claims Kim's son, Kim Jong Un aka "Fat Drunk and Stupid," is a clone of his grandfather and North Korean founder Kim Il-sung, reading between the lines of several New York Times articles to make his point. Frank predicts there will be a coup in North Korea and the two Koreas will be unified.

Plus: Riots going on for new sneakers.... the end of the Iraq War.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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Rocket's Rollicking Report said...

I think the sight of him as depicted in Team America:World Police was so shocking that it led to Kim's eventual demise.