TRP 2012.02.17

Frank goes after the "negress" Maxine Waters for calling House Speaker Boehner a "demon" this week, noting her rhetoric is similar to Louis Farakhan's. She is only supporting Obama because he is black, and the morons sitting there sounding like a "jungle cacophony" are only applauding because they are black, too.

Obama hates America - his father was a "ma-mau" and he wants to remake it in his own meglo-manical image. Frank says Obama is a megalomaniac who believes he is the Mahdi, and all of Islam is going to unite under him and destroy the West. Obama wants to leave America naked and defenseless, that is why he is backing all these radical Islamists in the Arab Spring, and weakening America's military. When the times comes, Obama will reveal himself and America will be too defenseless to stop him.

Plus: Obama is a lot like Augustus, Rome's first emperor fundamentally altered the state... The government always takes power with the excuse of "doing what's best for you".... America is still a White Nation... Michael Savage is a moron and a "blowhard from the Bronx".... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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