TRP 03.02.2012

An era comes to a close as The Right Perspective ends its 10-year run on shortwave WWCR. Because of health issues, The Great Frank from Queens will be absent from the show for the foreseeable future, and will only be able to do the show from his home.

Frank goes out with a blast as he assails the Foreign Occupier for going on fundraisers in Manhattan while the Midwest and mid-south of America are hit by natural disasters. Of course, Obama is ignoring these problems because they are affecting White people mostly. But what about the media? If Bush was in office when these problems were going on, the media would be blaming Bush for doing nothing.

 Plus: Frank says Bill Mahr is a "fag".... Andrew Breitbart remembered... The History Channel goes after Hitler but never any Bolshevik nation, which were every bit as dictatorial and genocidal as Nazi Germany..... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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joel rice said...

how damn depressing. And i just saw a bit in washington times on solutreans yesterday. Been listening for decades - going back to Barry Farber back in the 70s when living in the bastion of Bolshevism in Greenwich Village. will pray for the great Frank. Hope you guys will keep on podcasting and blogging.