TRP 2012.05.25

A North Carolina teacher bullies her student for criticizing Obama - on this Veteran's Day, is this what those heroes died for?... By saying that prostate cancer screening are no longer needed, the Obama administration is not only condemning millions of American men to a horrible death, but is also desensitizing Americans to a lower standard of medical care. That is part of the Obama Genocide-care bill. Reducing your expectations of the highest standard of quality of healthcare in the world. Obama wants a Finlandization of America - Reduced quality of life, reduced healthcare, reduced military, and a destroyed the space program.

Plus: China's economy is slowing, and is not the powerhouse we are being led to believe.... Part 1 of Reagan's Radio Broadcasts.... Your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2012.05.18

Frank dubs Joe Biden "The Voice of Insanity"; Socialism is also the true "Voice of Hatred," because more people have died from class envy than racial strife.

Letters to the New York Times editor deconstructed; racial dynamics in the Democrat Party; Obamacare is genocide; Your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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TRP 2012.04.11

The Foreign Occupier had another Jimmy Carter moment this week, when he said his decision to be in favor of same-sex marriage came from talking to his 12-year-old daughter. This shows you that Obama is nothing more than a chimera of the left, and a creation of the media. He showed what a bankrupt nothing he is.

Why did Obama make this decision? He was blackmailed into this because his handlers know that he's on the "down low," based on what Larry Sinclair said on The Right Perspective several years ago. This going to be a heated election and he needs every vote he can get. Frank predicts Obama will come out of the closet once he leaves office.

Plus: Biden is suffering from early dementia; Obama is cutting off the 99 weeks unemployment to improve the unemployment ranks; Obama will throw anyone who threatens him under the bus; Beringians on the move; China will not dominate this century; your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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TRP 2012.05.05

The Obama Outrage Adventure continues this week, with the president "spiking the football" for killing Osama bin Laden to get re-elected.... Frank gives the right perspective on Occupy's May Day demonstrations.... Sean Hannity's cliche mongering does not work against anarchists.... Socialism is parasitism.... Sandinista scumbag Tomas Borge Martinez finally became a Good Red this week.... your phone calls at 718-761-9996 and much more!

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