TRP 2012.06.16

Frank calls for the impeachment of Barack Obama for committing heinous crimes against the Constitution and the American people. By going around Congress to give work permits and not deport young illegals living in America, Obama has elevated himself to dictator, saying that neither the Congress or the vote of the people count.

Plus: Hillary Clinton was shown to be incompetent this week, after she mistakenly blamed Russia for supplying Syria with military helicopters.... Mohammedan fanatics taking over in once-stable Middle Eastern countries.... Frank says Obama is doing drugs.... Beringians on the Move... Sean Hannity washes over Charlie Rangel's crimes.... Bob Grant shows his jealousy of other hosts.... Darrell Issa grills Obama flunkies over what is a 'green job'... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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