TRP 2012.07.13

Frank goes after the NAACP this week for acting in a "tribal mentality" by booing Mitt Romney at their convention. The hatred that came out that audience is indicative of those who are backing this "Little Mugabe," Barack Obama. Frank also labels the group a "political terrorist organization."

Plus: Milos Forman writes about life under Socialism.... more proof that Michael Savage listens to TRP.... Solutrean update.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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1 comment:

El said...

I see that you hate facts. Typical CONS....

There is not a single fact on you blog liar.

What is more pathetic it Willard Romney is more liberal than Obama ever dreamed of being.

A loser like you who is working for the ruling class is making a lot of enemies. Keep that in mind next time you lie about the president and lie for Romney. I think it is time for you to stop lying but you do what you want to do and deal with the consequences of people not liking you. Most people hate liars. Some people hate liars with a passion.

I see that you censor you little whore. I don't. I allow liars like you on my blog so that I can expose them.

You would be smart to retract your lies but then again it's your choice. Don't be stupid liar.

Stop by my blog liar if you have the integrity or balls. In the meantime get cancer and die a horrible death. You deserve it.

Repent liar and apologize to America and the president. You CONS are a menace.