On The RIGHT Perspective with Frank of Queens and John of Staten Island, opinions that are as subtle as an iceberg in a shipping lane fly fast and furious on all topics. With Frank and John’s combination of hard-hitting no-holds-barred honesty, passion, common sense and factual knowledge of current and historical events, Liberal arguments dissolve like an aspirin under Niagara Falls. That is why it wasn’t long after the dawn of talk radio that Frank and John became the most well known callers to talk radio – both nationally as well as locally.

Today, Frank is known as “The Greatest Caller in the History of Talk Radio,” and John has been dubbed “Talk Radio’s One-Man S.W.A.T. Team." Frank of Queens was famous for getting on an impassioned roll during his phone calls and there was NO ONE who could contend with his persona. Frank has built an arsenal of historical knowledge and the length and breadth of his intriguing and prescient calls became forever known as the "Frank FURY!" He is also a brilliant observer of current events and it will not be long before new listeners realize how his profound commentary has aroused the nick name, “Vintage Frank.”

John’s tell-it-like-it-is delivery in his calls to talk shows over the years has endeared him to those who agree and invoked anger and outrage from those who disagree. It is often wondered how John comes up with all the facts, dates, and sources to validate his or Frank’s commentary on so many issues. John explains, “There is no need for conservatives to lie, fabricate, or distort. Liberals have to — because everything they believe goes against human nature and history has proven them to be wrong on almost every major issue. I do not lie or make up anything I speak about for one good reason — once someone discovers that you have lied to them or been cutesy with the facts, they will never believe anything you say from that point on.” A knockout blow can easily be administered when the facts and sources are consistently at his fingertips. The greatest enemy of the political “left” are facts! Liberals have taught John that since they choose to believe what they want, he has found it easiest to keep a notebook computer close by to instantly pull up information to refute them on any subject. His database is constantly being updated as history unwinds!

Right from the start in the 80's listeners were immediately amazed by Frank and John. They were thankful to finally hear two people on the air waves finally speaking the unspoken truth and expressing what they had been feeling for oh so long. John & Frank had the listeners asking hosts: “Did Frank of Queens or John of Staten Island call yet? ” Of course, some hosts didn’t like the fact that the listeners would be more interested in the callers than the host. Well, they like it even less now that the best-known callers to talk radio have become hosts themselves!

Barry Farber
At first, Frank and John only knew of each other but had never spoken directly. Eventually, they were invited to appear as guests on a number of shows, including one of the founders of talk radio, Barry Farber. On one of these occasions with John as Barry Farber’s in-studio guest, Frank called the show giving John his first opportunity to speak directly with him and tell Frank he had been a fan of his for years. They stayed in close contact and became best of friends.

During the glory days of talk radio in the early ‘90s, there was no limit to the number of shows Frank and John could call, but after Bill Clinton blamed the Oklahoma City bombing on talk radio in an attempt to silence many of his critics, things changed. Talk station managers and producers actually let Clinton’s opportunistic drivel intimidate them. Outspoken callers, and especially the most popular regular ones, including Frank and John, were suddenly given less time to express their opinions, passed over by the call screeners, and eventually, it was made clear that they were not welcome and banned from many stations. In fact, callers in general had become an after thought. Talk shows began, at least it seemed, to be just for the host or hosts. They continued to take calls but it seemed that every caller was told “You have thirty seconds.” or “We’re up on a break, make it quick… etc.” The “silent hang up” became the standard to shorten calls and dispense with any real give and take. Real conversation all but disappeared.

Frank and John became tired of this censorship and when an opportunity arose to partake in a talk show of their own with two other friends, “TRP” was born. It debuted on February 16, 1998 on WVNJ New Jersey. The program had a brief but brilliant run and eventually moved to short wave and the Internet.

Frank and John have co-hosted the reborn TRP for over 10 years, with many listeners and callers of mainstream talk radio becoming faithful listeners to “The RIGHT Perspective .” The callers are once again part of the show as real conversation has returned to the airwaves. These guys offer-up talk radio that hasn’t been heard in years! The only thing you’ll hear on this show is good old fashioned, God fearing, butt-kicking Americanism! Please tell your friends you've found the real thing.

The RIGHT Perspective has shown that callers are once again looked upon as an asset instead of an afterthought, which seems to be the case on so many mainstream talk radio shows today. That is why Frank and John who were well-known callers for years themselves, decided to get their own show. “Fair and Balanced” on The RIGHT Perspective simply means you have the right to agree or disagree! There is no concern about a need to present the “other side” of issues because everyone is encouraged to express whatever opinion they like. Therein lies the “balance.” However, if you’re going to disagree with these guys you better have your ducks in order.

ENJOY! This is TRUE Free Speech radio on display! When listening, nothing short of the Truth is accepted! Frank and John deliver the real thing!