TRP 2012.04.14

Ron Beermunder
Frank from Queens returns this week, and launches into the media for their cowardice in covering the George Zimmerman case. Frank singles out Sean Hannity, because he lives on Long Island, and Bill O'Reilly, who has kissed Al Sharpton's "big black ass" on his show. Frank reminds us about Daniel Ciccario, a young White man who was savagely shot by a Black several years ago. In that incident, the victim was made out to be the criminal - and then-New York Governor David Patterson communed the sentence of the Black who shot Ciccario, because of perceived "racial oppression".

Frank says that the real motive behind the George Zimmerman case is to make an example of him. We no longer have a system of justice, but of jungle law.

Plus: Sparks fly as firearms expert Captain Ron Beermunder debates with John about the George Zimmerman case.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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Anonymous said...

John - as a concealed carry holder, I can let you know that George Zimmerman is guilty of at least manslaughter. Simply put - there's an old saying "Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread." Mr. Zimmerman took it upon himself to enter into a position where he was not defending his home, his property, a loved or any such case where personal property was an issue.

George Zimmerman (with the somewhat blessing of the local police precinct)put himself out in the public eye - delegated to the position of a neighborhood watch coordinator. Now, he has taken himself out of the position of private citizen defending his own. Now, he is in effect a person dealing with the public. He has now elevated himself to a position of some authority - not much authority - but some.

Now, let's go a step further. He wasn't working a pretzel stand, or serving burgers - these jobs deal with the public as well, but more as a conduit to a service or a product. George Zimmerman was now in the public as a conduit to the law. With that, he should have been very well aware that you do not go out into this type of "pressure cooker" high stress position without a rather large "toolbox" of time tested strategies and armament.

There is first off, "force-on-force" training. Appropriate use of force for the force being applied to you - so--kuboton training, defensive pen and flashlight training, OC spray training (John...where was his OC spray) See John? When all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail - that is part of the training that Mr. Zimmerman seemed to miss out on.

Also, where was Mr. Zimmerman's countless hours of training on situational awareness and conflict resolution? There seems to be a very small toolbox that Mr. Zimmerman was carrying with him at the time. With all this, Mr. Zimmerman had no business doing the job he was untrained to do - and therein lies the other side of the coin.

The police did not train George Zimmerman appropriately for the task that he set out to do. All that was offered was a cursory overview of the demands to be put on him - at best. He was told that this was not a job for a vigilante. He was also told that it wasn't recommended to carry a pistol while OTJ.

When I was trained, it was drilled into my head that when you carry a firearm, you are in effect, a super hero. You are Spiderman. With this power comes enormous responsibility.

John - if you are interested, I can recomment some books from Gabe Suarez, the NRA, Jeff Cooper and a myriad of others. Be well. I wish you and Frank the very best.

Dave N.
(Brooklyn born, now living in the hills in an undisclosed location - and I am too conservative to live in a slum like NYC. I moved out in the late '70's as I saw that the area was unfit for humans).