TRP 2011.02.18

Frank and John go after the "Day of Rage" protests going on in Wisconsin that have targeted Republican lawmakers, noting that how the protesters are carrying signs with caricatures of Hitler but never Stalin, Mao, or Kim Jong Il. The unions they had in Bolshevik Russia were state run.

The left wants does not democracy but mob-ocracy. The Democrats who fled the vote should be impeached, and the demonstrators who stayed away from work to protest should be fired. Every cliche the left uses to get its way should now be applied to the right; Nancy Pelosi wanted Obamacare to be passed first so we can see what is in it, so the anti-union bill should be passed first before the protests start.

Plus: Frank says Justin Bieber should be deported from America for insulting America in a Rolling Stone interview.... John examines racial favoritism in New York City's public school system.... African tribes exhibit racism towards each other.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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