TRP 2011.02.25

Donald Rumsfeld: The TRP Interview   

Former American Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, speaks to The Right Perspective about his new book, "Known and Unknown," Leftist and Democrat Party distortion of the Iraq War, Barack Obama and the Mohammadean threat in an exclusive interview that is totally unlike those done by mainstream media outlets.

Rumsfeld ends the interview prematurely after John declares the Democrat Party to be a "crime family," US President Barack Obama and Attorney General "black bigots" and Obama a "Mohammadean," and Islam not a religion but "an anti-Western political movement that wants to destroy the world for Islam."

Plus: Moammar Gaddafi shows the bankruptcy of Leftist ideology.... Frank rages against Islam.... Obama declares the DOMA unconstitutional.... thoughts on the Wisconsin union protests.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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