TRP 2011.03.11

Frank and John analyze the hate shown in the pro-union protests at Wisconsin state building, and praise Republicans for finding a way around the 14 bums who are being paid to legislate but didn't want to.

The Republicans showed a victory of law over the lawlessness, but that is how the Left always plays: dirty, through intimidation and the Left always talks about the people have no regard for the people and you know this was nothing but a front for a bunch of Bolsheviki and lowlifes.

The NPR tape shows the Left's rampant Judeo-phobia and utter contempt for middle-class, White Americans when Schiller called the Tea Party "racist," and that "the Jews control the media."

Plus: Frank compares the devastating earthquake in Japan to an old monster movie, and hopes the next tsunami hits Hollywood and washes all the degenerate "stars" into the ocean... Peter King's congressional hearing on Islamic terrorism... Hillary Clinton's praise of Al Jazzera... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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