TRP 2011.03.04

Frank and John go after the rampant Judeo-phobia seen this week in comments made by degenerate party boy Charlie Sheen, and degenerate fashion designer Julian Gallo.

Frank and John state their unabashed love for the Jewish people and praise The Pope for exhonerating Jews for killing Jesus Christ. Frank says that should be good enough for anyone listening, and if anyone still believes the Jews kiled Jesus then they are speaking with the voice of Satan.

Frank notes that Charlie Sheen is the product of a liberal upbringing, his wide-eyed father slept on a heating grater to show solidarity with the homeless instead of raising his son in a decent manner.

Plus: World Solutrean Day is coming.... Canadian news... Frank wonders how liberal Canada would be if Russia never sold Alaska to the United States.... Orange Freestate is 157 years old.... John dissects the Wisconsin union protests.... your phone calls and more at 718.761.9996.

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