TRP 2011.03.18

Frank kicks off the show by wondering why the super-sensitive souls are not out there singing Kumbaya now that the Foreign Occupier, aka Barack Obama, has endorsed military action against Moamar Ka-daffy in Libya. Frank also believes Iran is backing the revolutions going on in the Arab world to create a Mohammadean belt around the West in the Mediterranean.

As far as Japan goes, Frank and John are tired of everyone constantly denegrating America in comparison to other countries, noting the Japanese government is a disaster because they cannot help their own people get food and shelter. There was no raping or looting in Japan because not only are the towns are destroyed, but because they did it all during World War II, when they committed more attrocities in other countries than any other country.

Frank calls the earthquake and tsunami a "Judgement from God" on those who committed attrocities during WWII, and he would never give a dime to relief efforts. Frank also calls for a boycott of Japanese products because they may be radioactive.

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