TRP 2011.03.25

Frank and John tackle this week's bombing of Libya. Frank wonders why The Foreign Occupier, aka Barack Obama, did not just "give peace a chance" before bombing Libya, especially when he said he would negotiate without preconditions with the Parthians (Iran). Frank says Obama a stealth Mohammadean with a visceral hatred of the West who is creating a Mohammadean Block that, alongside Parthia, will wage battle against Israel and the West. John says America is already overstretched, not only by being in two theatres in the War on Terror, but also with helping the world in humanitarian efforts, so we should not be involved with Libya's problems.

Plus: New archeological findings in Texas support the Solutrean Hypothesis.... Canadians give up their country to Beringians.... Elizabeth Taylor and the politcs of AIDS.... Boys from Brazil update... John shows how some Mexican immigrants are actually a 5th column bent on a Reconquista of the United States.... John plays vintage tapes from his music group, The Emotions.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more

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