TRP 2011.04.29

Frank explains the concept of "The Hinge of History," a brief period of time in which the course of human affairs can "swing" one way or the other depending on what happens. The election of Jimmy Carter in 1976 is such an example - had Carter not won, everything that is wrong with American foreign policy today would not have happened.

Frank wonders why he should believe anything in life when it is all a joke, after "the farce and wackjob" Carter condemned America for human rights abuses against North Korea.

Plus: The Left's mockery of Sarah Palin is the same thing they did to Gerald Ford.... that whole birth certificate thing, and how the liberals are now all whining racist in defense.... Bob Schieffer never had anything good to say about George Bush... The Royal Wedding farce.... World Soultrean Month ends with a look at The Cave of Forgotten Dreams.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.04.22


World Solutrean Month continues with Barnes Review author George Kadar, who is certainly versed in the Solutrean Hypothesis, Kennewick Man and Spirit Cave Man. Frank dubs George Kadar "He Who Walks With The Ancestors"; the two speak about Solutreanism, and the coverup that is continually going on to hide the truth from us about our true past, not the true past that was invented by Hollywood, the Ministry of Lies and academia.

To read George's articles about the Solutrean Hypothesis and other great writing, please subscribe to The Barnes Review

Plus: How come the Left is estatic about McDonald's hiring 50,000 burger-flippers, when they want to end fast food? It's all about control!... Canada fines comic for insulting lesbian heckler.... Obama is just another race-hustling poverty pimp.... Obama is rising gas prices on purpose.... John proves that Reagan was really responsible for the strong 90's economy.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.04.15

 World Solutrean Day 2011: Kyle Bristow 

Broadcasting live from the Solutrean Hotel and Casino located in Times Square, New York City, Frank and John celebrate WUUUUUUUULD Solutrean Day by honoring Kyle Bristow, author of the novel White Apocolpyse. Kyle is dubbed "Solutrean of the Year" and then talks about how the Left is working overtime to silence those who speak the Solutrean Truth about who really was first on the North American continent. Kyle also talks about the SPLC is constantly whining about his novel and dubbed it "hate fiction".

You can buy White Apocolypse at Kyle's website and Amazon.com.

Plus: John examines the budget lies put forward by Barack Obama, and the right perspective set out by Paul Ryan..... The Civil War remembered.... Enough with honoring Jackie Robinson.... the politics of baseball.... the latest outrages from anti-White racist Eric Holder.... Ed Koch honored with bridge.... the Jewish roots of National Socialism... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.04.08

Frank explains how archeologists are obscuring the Solutrean Truth from recent finds across the Americas, and why you must take back your Solutrean Heritage.... then examines a new report claiming Whites will be a minority in America sooner than previously thought and advocates polygamy for White people.

John goes after the Democrats for playing "the same old song" of victimization in the build-up to the budget deadline this week, noting that they Dems have simply replaced children from their 1994 playbook with women in this new battle.

Plus: The Wide, White World of Weather.... World Solutrean Day is Coming.... America is in a war against Leftist aggression.... Obama plays racial politics... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.04.01

Frank goes after "The Whoredom of the Ministry of Lies" and "The Pussbags on the Left", who screamed endlessly about the CIA overthrowing Bolshevik regimes but is now silent when their hero Barack Obama is doing the same thing in Libya

John goes after the Left's use of "the noble cause" to implement their controls over society, and the mean, nasty Anthony Weiner.

Plus: The latest news from Turtle Island.... Mangosuthu Buthelezi wants a homeland for the Zulu in South Africa - and Frank predicts both Boer and Bantu will have their own volkstadt.... Obama's crackdown on obesity is the beginning of a genocide.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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