TRP 2011.06.24

Frank and John tackle US President Barack Obama's announced withdrawl of troops from the Afghan field this week. The military action in Libya shows how truly worthless NATO is without the United States at the helm. Frank says 10 years is not long enough to fight Mohammadeans.

Then, they analyze the outrage of Michelle Obama's going to South Africa; she basically went to spit in the faces of the Boers in South Africa, and created a fantasy out of what happened during the civil rights "struggle" of the 1960's and the battle against Apartheid. Michelle used Communist techniques in her speeches, and was not shown the silent Boer Genocide going on in the "New" South Africa

Plus: Frank and John have an intense discussion on the legalization of gay marriage in New York State, which was announced during the show... the Left never says let's end the war on poverty, only morph and expand the programs created to fight this "war," mostly destroying the nuclear family in the process.... Obama's failed attempt to tax and spend ourselves into prosperity...  John is glad the Republicans have walked out of the budget talks.... Orientals have replaced African-Americans in New York City.... Blacks face racial realities when going back to the South.... John Huntsman is just another RINO, and John shows that Huntsman is no Ronald Reagan.... Canada makes up a new multicultural history for itself to erase its European origins.... Watching the gay pride parade is like a flashback to Soddom and Gomorah.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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BONUS AUDIO: TRP Show #5, from March 4, 1998! Right Click and "Save As...." to Download


TRP 2011.06.17

Frank and John say goodbye and good riddance to degenerate Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner; Frank wonders if Anthony Weiner is related to Michael Weiner, aka Michael Savage, and then goes on a rant about how corrupt modern American politics is.... Frank mocks Beringian earth religons.... John examines how New York is the least free state... the economy won't get better until Obama is out of office... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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BONUS AUDIO: Show Number 5 of TRP from March 3, 1998 out of WVNJ Studios in New Jersey! In this episode, Hal, who later on became infamous as an anti-Semite on his own radio show, actually defends Jews against Leonard Jefferies and Louis Farrakhan!

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TRP 2011.06.10

Frank refuses to put down his race and ethnicity in a form given to him by a new doctor he visited this week, calling it a "Conscientious objection" to "the healthcare scam" that "this bag of BS that we have in the White House" is putting into place to rectify the problem of alleged racial inequalities in the healthcare system.  Frank says White people should put down "Aryan" for race and "Solutrean" for ethnicity on these forms.

Plus: John goes into the political strategy behind Weinergate.... Rush Limbaugh gives TRP a shout out.... Global warming hysteria after a few days of hot weather... Weinergate explodes all over the Democrat Party's face.... MORE harsh words for Michael Savage.... Frank proves Cleopatra was White.

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BONUS AUDIO: TRP Show #3 from Feb. 21, 1998

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TRP 2011.06.03

Frank explains how The Ministry of Lies uses propaganda to promote their own perspective on history and the economy, and while America edges toward double-digit unemployment, tells you, "things are getting better, comrade!".

Obama wants to turn American into a second-rate power that will no longer be able to fight for freedom around the world.

Plus: True degenerates Anthony Weiner and John Edwards are a true representation of the Democrat Party.... Chile Now Probes Pablo Neruda Death.... Harsh words for Michael Savage.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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BONUS AUDIO: The second TRP show from - this one does not feature Frank but has more Hal Turner!

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