TRP 2012.04.20

Frank celebrates World Solutrean Day, and reminds us about the Solutrean Hypothesis.

Then Frank talks about how Spike Lee has never been condemned for posting the home address of whom he thought was George Zimmerman, but turned out to be an elderly White couple, and they were terrorized by people as a result. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson, who only hurt himself with his anti-Semitic comments, has had his career ruined. Also, Spike Lee made an anti-Semitic movie "Mo' Better Blues," which portrayed Jews as exploiting the Black man.

Plus: The media proved its the "Ministry of Lies" by doctoring the George Zimmerman 911 calls, and indicting him before he could even get a fair trial.... John goes after the GSA scandal and how Obama is a "hypocrite" for talking about cutting back on government spending.... John doesn't trust Black jurors, and wants to replace the jury system with a panel of judges.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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joel rice said...

if you guys want to see some bone chilling stuff about what the AP is up to - go to freshair.npr.org and look for "stories put a spotlight on NYPD Surveillance Program", and get the transcript. The audio is more revealing. Who elected AP to be a watchdog over the CIA and NYPD ? This libturd exposed everything and even went around with documents and asked muslims what they thought about being spied on. Chilling.