TRP 2011.04.22


World Solutrean Month continues with Barnes Review author George Kadar, who is certainly versed in the Solutrean Hypothesis, Kennewick Man and Spirit Cave Man. Frank dubs George Kadar "He Who Walks With The Ancestors"; the two speak about Solutreanism, and the coverup that is continually going on to hide the truth from us about our true past, not the true past that was invented by Hollywood, the Ministry of Lies and academia.

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Plus: How come the Left is estatic about McDonald's hiring 50,000 burger-flippers, when they want to end fast food? It's all about control!... Canada fines comic for insulting lesbian heckler.... Obama is just another race-hustling poverty pimp.... Obama is rising gas prices on purpose.... John proves that Reagan was really responsible for the strong 90's economy.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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backbencher666 said...

john liu is another in a long line of demagogue who insist on abusing their own communities of immigrant/minority groups xenophobic anti american fears. by constantly focusing outward through rabble rousing,fear mongering and insisting on a paranoid Schizophrenic narrative where everyone is out to get them he refuses to focus on real issues harming his own community.there are many problems of all sorts in the Asian communities in ny from kidnap victims snuck in in trailers sometimes dying in route to become sex slaves, to the illegal theft of copy right materials sold on the streets,intimidation of new immigrants and organized crime.instead of focusing on these real issues liu has learned from the black leaders in this country that gaining power and backing in minority groups is a lot easier to garner by being a charloton and a demagogue.no one cares about what you call a bridge or what jokes dj's make sir.

awhile back the radio duo jv and elvis were thrown off the air due to a prank phone call made to a Chinese take out joint.


this joke apparently riled up a community that had never listened to the program.they learned from their black counter parts that there is no room for a sense of humor when radio hosts can be demonized and the first amendment can be trashed.

i was having none of it.


most of us being fans of opie and anthony knew where this kind of chicanery would lead and were proven right by the latter suspension and firing of imus and the latter suspension of opie and anthony from satellite radio.we took to the streets to counter protest the latest minority victim groups cries of discrimination in the name of power.


perhaps some of these immigrants would feel more comfortable in china where the government spends as much money on monitoring and jailing the public for "dissent" as they do on the military.perhaps they'd be comfortable in korea where the gulags are full of dissenters.why would anyone escape tyranny and come to america just to institute the same style of government run by fear censorship and intimidation which shares none of our values and traditions of liberty and free speech....