TRP 2011.03.25

Frank and John tackle this week's bombing of Libya. Frank wonders why The Foreign Occupier, aka Barack Obama, did not just "give peace a chance" before bombing Libya, especially when he said he would negotiate without preconditions with the Parthians (Iran). Frank says Obama a stealth Mohammadean with a visceral hatred of the West who is creating a Mohammadean Block that, alongside Parthia, will wage battle against Israel and the West. John says America is already overstretched, not only by being in two theatres in the War on Terror, but also with helping the world in humanitarian efforts, so we should not be involved with Libya's problems.

Plus: New archeological findings in Texas support the Solutrean Hypothesis.... Canadians give up their country to Beringians.... Elizabeth Taylor and the politcs of AIDS.... Boys from Brazil update... John shows how some Mexican immigrants are actually a 5th column bent on a Reconquista of the United States.... John plays vintage tapes from his music group, The Emotions.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more

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TRP 2011.03.18

Frank kicks off the show by wondering why the super-sensitive souls are not out there singing Kumbaya now that the Foreign Occupier, aka Barack Obama, has endorsed military action against Moamar Ka-daffy in Libya. Frank also believes Iran is backing the revolutions going on in the Arab world to create a Mohammadean belt around the West in the Mediterranean.

As far as Japan goes, Frank and John are tired of everyone constantly denegrating America in comparison to other countries, noting the Japanese government is a disaster because they cannot help their own people get food and shelter. There was no raping or looting in Japan because not only are the towns are destroyed, but because they did it all during World War II, when they committed more attrocities in other countries than any other country.

Frank calls the earthquake and tsunami a "Judgement from God" on those who committed attrocities during WWII, and he would never give a dime to relief efforts. Frank also calls for a boycott of Japanese products because they may be radioactive.

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HA 2011.03.18

Carel Boshoff Interview

Carel Boshoff, Jr. speaks about the life and legacy of his father, Carel Willem Hendrik Boshoff, who passed away this week at the age of 83.

As founder of the Orania settlement in South Africa, Boshoff challenged the White-Afrikaner-Boer to develop constructive solutions which would ensure thier future in Africa.

Boshoff, Jr. also talks about Orania, and how the settlement will continue.

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TRP 2011.03.11

Frank and John analyze the hate shown in the pro-union protests at Wisconsin state building, and praise Republicans for finding a way around the 14 bums who are being paid to legislate but didn't want to.

The Republicans showed a victory of law over the lawlessness, but that is how the Left always plays: dirty, through intimidation and the Left always talks about the people have no regard for the people and you know this was nothing but a front for a bunch of Bolsheviki and lowlifes.

The NPR tape shows the Left's rampant Judeo-phobia and utter contempt for middle-class, White Americans when Schiller called the Tea Party "racist," and that "the Jews control the media."

Plus: Frank compares the devastating earthquake in Japan to an old monster movie, and hopes the next tsunami hits Hollywood and washes all the degenerate "stars" into the ocean... Peter King's congressional hearing on Islamic terrorism... Hillary Clinton's praise of Al Jazzera... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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TRP 2011.03.04

Frank and John go after the rampant Judeo-phobia seen this week in comments made by degenerate party boy Charlie Sheen, and degenerate fashion designer Julian Gallo.

Frank and John state their unabashed love for the Jewish people and praise The Pope for exhonerating Jews for killing Jesus Christ. Frank says that should be good enough for anyone listening, and if anyone still believes the Jews kiled Jesus then they are speaking with the voice of Satan.

Frank notes that Charlie Sheen is the product of a liberal upbringing, his wide-eyed father slept on a heating grater to show solidarity with the homeless instead of raising his son in a decent manner.

Plus: World Solutrean Day is coming.... Canadian news... Frank wonders how liberal Canada would be if Russia never sold Alaska to the United States.... Orange Freestate is 157 years old.... John dissects the Wisconsin union protests.... your phone calls and more at 718.761.9996.

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